Orange Plate Special

Before our redesign, we asked you to send us pictures of your Vol-themed license plates.  Unfortunately, a few of your submissions got lost in the shuffle.

Better late than never—here they are in all their Big Orange Glory!

Lady Vols plates

“Having been a huge Lady Vol fan and Pat Summit Basketball Camp attendee, I first received this plate as a gift for my sixteenth birthday from my Dad. I first attended a Division III school nearby my home in Pennsylvania, but quickly realized my heart belonged in Tennessee. I am now a proud 2008 graduate of UT Knoxville, and just as proud to represent the Lady Vols everywhere my car takes me!”
-Lindsay Walter

PA plates

“Here are our PA plates. I use the GO VOLZ and my wife, Sandi, uses the UT MOMMA. Our youngest son , Evan (1995 Communications), uses the TN VOL 95. Evan’s wife, Mary (Liberal Arts 1997) has applied for a plate that says UT BELLE. We are all loyal Vol fans.”
-Barry Hambleton

West VA plates

“I moved to West Virginia with my husband (UT Grad Chris Campbell-1996) after we both graduated. He applied for a personalized plate reading “Rocky Top” and received a response froom the DMV that it was unavailable. A couple of years later I got a new car and requested Rocky Top, once again. The plate arrived on Christmas Eve and I got it! My husband really was a good sport about the whole thing!!!”
-Heidi Donner Campbell

Florida plates

“I had this plate while living in South Florida in the ’90s. I made friends with several displaced Vols just from it being noticed.”
-David Fisher

Alabama Plates

“I was initially surprised that I was able to get a personalized tag with “Rocky Top” but then it dawned on me–I was in AL/AU territory.”
-Danny Bridges

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