Fall 2014

    About 120 miles north of Knoxville, just across the Kentucky line, is Clay County, a community of people who possess a fierce love of heritage and family, an unshakable pride in the land, and a deep belief in God. However, it is also a place of extreme poverty where, in some of the rural areas, 64 percent of the water source is contaminated and the county ranks near the bottom of the state’s counties for major health indicators.

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    The Informed Wonderer


    Pulitzer Prize–winning science journalist John Noble Wilford believes he was hardwired to be a journalist. At age six, as soon as he could read, he became a daily devotee of …

  • Jed DeKalb (’76), the state’s chief photographer, has spent more than three decades photographing a succession of five Tennessee governors. But he got his start at UT, capturing a slice …