From the dawn of TV sports in the 1950s through the 1980s, “Hello everybody, I’m Lindsey Nelson” were familiar words for viewers across the nation. In so many ways, Nelson ascended along with his medium. At the 1963 Army–Navy game, he introduced his audience to a technical marvel—the instant replay, though it didn’t get that name until later. When an Army touchdown run was replayed, Nelson, concerned that viewers might be confused when they saw the running back once again cross the goal line, said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Army has not scored again.”

  • The guest book sits on a table at the entrance of Gus Manning’s room at Little Creek Sanitarium. Adorned with an orange cover, its pages are filled with names and dates printed in blue ink. From famous athletes and coaches to everyday people like secretaries and ticket takers, the content reveals the depth of Manning’s impact at the University of Tennessee. Manning worked nearly 50 years in the Tennessee athletics department after graduating from the university in 1950.

  • In the College of Social Work, faculty, staff, and students are challenged to put classroom lessons to work in the community to make the world a better place, especially for underserved populations. Here’s a look at four college programs that look to fill voids, right wrongs, and improve lives—all while teaching the next generation of social workers to do the same.

  • The university’s first self-guided audio tour enables people to read and listen to descriptions of 20 historically significant locations that date as far back as the late 1800s.

  • From folk to country and rock to opera, UT alumni span the music industry. Find out more about these Volunteers who write and perform songs, top the charts, and tour the world making music. We’ve even put together a Spotify playlist of some tunes for you to enjoy.