UT Campus with Ayres Hall in foreground

Wish That I Was on Old Rocky Top

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, alumni, faculty, staff, and students tell us about their favorite places on campus—past and present.

“Neyland Drive and the Tennessee River on a cool fall morning. The leaves have turned colors and the fog is rising off the river surface. Just a peaceful, serene view.” —Dorian

“I genuinely enjoy that area from Circle Park to the Student Union, specifically after dark. It’s a really lovely place to be. It’s usually pretty unpopulated (if you ignore the food robots scooting around!), and the world feels hushed and still. The lighting on Neyland and the Student Union along with the trees and landscaping lining Volunteer Boulevard create a peaceful and beautiful place to just walk and take everything in.” —Beth

Hodges Library

“My favorite place on campus is the Hodges Library. . . This beautiful library reminds me of how blessed I am to be at UT. More than that, staying in the library gives me a sense of belongingness that despite how busy each person is, we share the same vision for excellence.” —Kriza

“I absolutely adore all parks and green areas around campus, especially with the spring vibes when it’s full of students. When the weather is colder, I like to spend my mornings at the I-House [International House], with a cup of always hot coffee.” —Ilina

“My favorite place on campus is Ayres Hall Lawn. I love the tradition of it. I finished my undergrad here in 2011, and I had many classes on and around the Hill, and I did a lot of my best thinking on this lawn. There’s nothing like hearing the clock chime on the hour!” —Sam

Students in four hammocks placed above one another.

“Circle Park is my favorite place on campus because it always served as a place for me to be still and center myself a bit during, or after, a long day. It’s also my favorite place because that’s where I asked my wife Katie to marry me.” —Nathan

“Zeanah Engineering Complex third floor. I love overlooking the lower levels while I do my schoolwork. It is so fun as an upperclassman to get to see younger students hanging out and finding their passions.” —Molly


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