• If you’ve never thought of a skillet as a work of art, you’ve probably never seen a Borough Furnace skillet. John Truex (’04) crafts each one from scrap iron in a furnace he designed himself.

  • In an artist’s toolbox there are many instruments—paint, brushes, pencils, and clay. One might think that a computer, a scanner, and a wide-format printer wouldn’t fit there, but Wade Guyton (’95) would disagree.

  • Artist Lee Benson (BFA, ’84; BS, ’86; MFA, ’90) remembers when his sons, Aaron (BFA, ’09) and Zach (BFA, ’11), used to play with the wood and clay in his studio. Now, more than a decade later, the three men are collaborating on their first professional project as a team—a public piece to commemorate the effects of the 2010 flooding in Nashville.

  • Take a look at the UT Printmaking program, which is ranked fourth in the nation, and student Ashton Ludden. Her printmaking work poses questions about the morality of the meat industry and animal agriculture.