Objects of Interest

A visit to the university’s Special Collections and McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture can be like a trip around the world and back in time. For faculty and students, these two collections are virtual treasure troves of teaching and learning. Take a look at some of the objects of interest—global and local—to be found on campus.

McClung Museum and Special Collections

Objects at the McClung Museum and Special Collections are utilized by professors and students from a number of different disciplines across campus, including art, architecture and design, art history, anthropology/archaeology, classics, English, earth and planetary sciences, ecology and evolutionary biology, history, religious studies, geography, political science, sociology, American studies, africana studies, global studies, women’s studies, printmaking, cinema studies, the Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, The Center for the Study of War and Society, and more.

The McClung and Special Collections are both open to the general public. Find out more about these resources at the links below.

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Photography by Dustin Brown

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Max Parrish March 17, 2015 - 6:15 pm

From a Class of ’64 “American Civilization” major, I have to say that virtually every visit to UTK’s website reveals more amazing new programs in progress on campus. Now an attorney, I think I could revert to student again easily.

Max Parrish ’64

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