Peyton Manning

  • The guest book sits on a table at the entrance of Gus Manning’s room at Little Creek Sanitarium. Adorned with an orange cover, its pages are filled with names and dates printed in blue ink. From famous athletes and coaches to everyday people like secretaries and ticket takers, the content reveals the depth of Manning’s impact at the University of Tennessee. Manning worked nearly 50 years in the Tennessee athletics department after graduating from the university in 1950.

  • Jan Parks Cornett (’10) was born paralyzed, but that didn’t stop her from becoming an equestrian and participating in 5ks. Her two role models—Pat Summitt and Peyton Manning—inspired her along the way.

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    Super Vols!

    by Torchbearer Staff

    Several former Vols played key roles in the Saints’ Super Bowl XLIV win—three members of the team once donned the orange and white. Of course, there’s a certain famous former Vol who plays for the Colts as well. And while the UT alumni on the field were working hard, there were also some current Vols working behind the scenes.