‘Strong’ Memories of Delicious Dinners

by Torchbearer Staff June 9, 2009

Recipe box

Several alumni at the Strong Hall reunion mentioned an all-time favorite food…and UT’s Dining Services unearthed the recipe for Sophie’s Cottage Cheese Croquettes!

Sophie’s Cottage Cheese Croquettes

3/4 cup cottage cheese
3/4 cup bread crumbs
3 TBSP chopped pecans
l/8 tsp paprika
l tsp chopped onions
l TBSP chopped green peppers
l/8 tsp salt
l egg, beaten
l/2 cup milk
Additional bread crumbs for coating
Sauce (recipe follows)

Combine cottage cheese, bread crumbs, chopped pecans, paprika, onion, green pepper, and salt. Shape mixture into two cone-shaped croquettes.

Combine beaten egg and milk. Roll croquettes in flour, and then in egg mixture. Roll in additional bread crumbs until well coated.

Fry in deep fryer at 325 degrees until golden brown (2-3 minutes). Do not overcook.

Note: Croquettes are best when fried in deep fat fryer. Do not use shallow fat in skillet because croquettes will absorb too much fat. An alternative might be baking them at 350-400 degrees until brown and warmed through.

Serve with sauce. Garnish with chopped parsley or cooked green peas. Makes 2 croquettes.

l TBSP all purpose flour
l TBSP margarine
3/4 cup milk
l tsp salt

Melt margarine. Add flour and cook and stir until well blended. Slowly stir in milk and salt. Cook until thickened.

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