Tennessee Royalty 2

Mary Costa—singer, actress, cultural ambassador, and Disney princess Continue reading

Baracksdubs 1

Fadi Saleh’s mash-up videos of President Obama “singing” along to popular songs on YouTube, known as Baracksdubs, have been watched by millions. Continue reading

Glass Shop

With more than thirty years of experience in design, repair, and fabrication of scientific glass pieces, Bo Bishop’s work is … Continue reading

Humans of UTK

Student Caroline Knight chronicles life on campus with Humans of UTK. Continue reading

The Restoration of the Red M&M

Remember when there were no red M&Ms? Alumnus Paul Hethmon spearheaded the successful 1980s campaign to bring the beloved color back to the bag. Continue reading

9 People You Didn’t Know Have a UT Connection

From entertainers to inventors, here are nine people that you may not know have a connection to UT. Continue reading

Carnegie-Engaged Institute

Take a closer look at a few of the community engagement projects that helped the university earn the prestigious Carnegie Community Engagement classification. Continue reading

Science for Monks

Professor Barry Bruce contributes to the conversation between science and religion by teaching biology to monks in India. Continue reading

VOLstarter Success

A VOLstarter project urging more women to become engineers ends up opening new doors for UT students. Continue reading

eTorch Rewind

There were Peytons, bow ties, puppies, and horses! Take a look at the five most-popular Torchbearer/eTorch stories from 2014. Continue reading