Homecoming 2012 Wrap-up

Homecoming 2012 is in the history books and was a beautiful autumn weekend here on campus. Our Tennessee Vols made the Troy Trojans…Ancient History!

The weekend began Friday, November 2, with the Veterans Reunion lunch and tour of the Veterans Memorial at World’s Fair Park. Then it was on to the parade. The third annual marching of the Little Vols included a four-generation family along with more than 30 Little Vols dressed in their orange and white, football uniforms, and cheerleader outfits.  After the parade the Little Vols did some crafts, and each will receive a signed certificate from Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek for participating in the third annual Little Vol Walk.

Our veterans also participated in the Homecoming parade, which was led by Grand Marshal Chamique Holdsclaw, four-time All American former Lady Vols basketball player. It’s always good to have Chamique back with us! Lowry Kline, president of the Knoxville campus Board of Directors, joined us for the parade, and Live at Five at Four broadcasted from campus for those not able to attend.

The evening of November 2 was a time to honor our veterans at a dinner with the theme “Your Service, Our Freedom.” Thank you to all our veterans who participated and those who were not able to join us.

Leanne Morgan, who was recently named an Accomplished Alumna, performed her comedy show for us at Market Square Mall on a gorgeous fall evening. Leanne brought the house down with her wonderful down-home humor. We are proud of you, Leanne!

Saturday, November 3, brought the game following Homecoming’s signature event, “Party in the Park.” Circle Park turned orange with balloons, banners, and hundreds of folks dressed in their game gear. The fountain at McClung Tower was even dyed orange for the day! Other events were held in some of the colleges and at the Multicultural Center. Plan now to join us for Homecoming 2013.

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