Vols in Service

by Torchbearer Staff July 19, 2010

Lt. Justin Gray, USMC

Lt. Justin Gray, USMC, does us proud in Afghanistan

Young Alumni Council member Billy Haley (CEHHS ’06), of Nashville, sent us a photo (along with some background info) of his former college roommate, Justin P. Gray, now serving with the U.S. Marines India Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment in southern Afghanistan.

Service to the nation runs in the Gray family. Justin Gray’s late grandfather was L. Patrick Gray, acting director of the FBI when the investigation that led to the Watergate scandal began. (Until W. Mark Felt came forward in 2005, L. P. Gray was believed by many to be Deep Throat, the secret informant who guided the Washington Post’s investigation that led eventually to the resignation of former president Richard Nixon.) Justin Gray’s father also served the nation in the FBI.

Hear from Justin Gray about one of his platoon’s missions in Afghanistan in this report from National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.

Pictured above is 1st Lt. Justin P. Gray (CBA ’05), showing the Vols’ colors half a world away. Gray leads India Company’s 2nd Platoon in Afghanistan.

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