College of Architecture + Design

  • There are a lot of great things to love about this place that we call home. Even our alumni and friends who don’t live here any longer can agree that there’s…

  • College Scholar John McAmis began his studies in architecture, but couldn’t shake his passion for animation. Now, he is the university’s only animation major.

  • If you’ve never thought of a skillet as a work of art, you’ve probably never seen a Borough Furnace skillet. John Truex (’04) crafts each one from scrap iron in a furnace he designed himself.

  • As a member of the first landscape architecture graduating class at UT, Bethany Morris didn’t have to look too far for a place to put her skills to use. The 2011 graduate is now reinventing the very campus where she learned her craft.

  • Ted Shelton (’93) was one of only four College of Architecture and Design students to be named a Torchbearer. Now, he’s a faculty member and the first James Johnson Dudley…