Fall 2021

    Celebrating 100 years of AYRES HALL, MORGAN HALL, and NEYLAND STADIUM

    Picture it. Knoxville, June 1921. Campus is bustling with the excitement of commencement week and the dedications of two grand new academic buildings: one crowning the Hill and becoming a symbol of the university, and the other nestled near the river, solidifying UT as one of the country’s agricultural leaders. And just a few months earlier, another area of campus—one that would come to be known for touchdowns and cheering fans—was christened by the crack of a baseball bat. Take a look at some interesting and unusual facts surrounding three campus icons celebrating their centennials this year: Ayres Hall, Morgan Hall, and Neyland Stadium.

  • The Olympic Games in July 2021 featured 11 current and past Vols and Lady Vols, bringing UT’s total number of Olympic competitors to more than 120. Impressive as it is, that count doesn’t include the important contributions of coaches and other staffers behind the scenes—such as Director of Track and Field Beth Alford Sullivan, who’s coached seven Olympians in her time at UT.

  • With imagination, resourcefulness, and a little help from UT, Colleen Cruze (’11) and Manjit Bhatti (’06, ’09) grew Cruze Farm Dairy from a small family business into an East Tennessee institution. Along the way, they’ve made sure to give back to the community that has helped them succeed.