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Chancellor Cheek Shares Top 25 Vision with Alumni

Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek is visiting with alumni across the country to share his vision for the Journey to the Top 25. The focus is on the journey as a strategic plan that represents astounding academic achievement; a commitment to graduating outstanding young men and women; excellence in research; and life-altering positive change for our students, their families, and the people of Tennessee.

Last fall, he visited with alumni chapters in Denver, Colorado; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Boston, Massachusetts.

“It made me wish that I could get to campus,” said Patti Melosh (’93, ’96), president of the Denver chapter. “It has been about twelve years since I was there for any time.”

Melosh found Chancellor Cheek’s remarks interesting, and said she is excited about the many things happening in Knoxville.

On February 21, Chancellor Cheek will visit the alumni chapter in Jacksonville, Florida. Alumni are invited to attend a reception with fellow alumni and friends of the university. In addition, Cheek will be sharing the key initiatives of the Journey to the Top 25.

If you are in Jacksonville, or one of the surrounding areas, we hope that you will make plans to attend this event.  For more information, visit utk.edu/go/fb.

Learn more about the University of Tennessee Alumni Association Chapters and Clubs Program atutaaconnect.com/chapters.

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