UTK Alumni Board of Directors honors new award winners

by Torchbearer Staff September 13, 2010

UT Knoxville has graduated more than 220,000 men and women in its 216-year history. These graduates have gone on to become the builders of our society, contributing to the education, cultural diversity, and business success of the cities, states, and nations of our world.

On Friday, September 10, 12 alumni were added to the ranks of alumni award winners. Alumni received recognition in three categories: Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna, Alumni Promise, and Alumni Service.


Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Awards

Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award recipients

Pictured above, L-R: Alan Wilson (President, UTK Alumni Board), Joel Katz, Bill Stokely III, Nancy-Ann DeParle, John Cullum, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek, Joe Johnson (President Emeritus, University of Tennessee), Jan Simek (Interim President, University of Tennessee)

The Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award recognizes those alumni who have attained extraordinary distinction and success in their chosen field of endeavor and have contributed to the betterment of their fellow citizens. By doing so, they have brought credit and acclaim to the University of Tennessee and have benefited society at large. This is the highest alumni award given, and it pays tribute to outstanding leadership, service, and philanthropy.

2010 Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award Winners

  • John Cullum—BA, 1953, Liberal Arts – Speech and Theatre
  • Nancy-Ann DeParle—BA, 1978, Liberal Arts – College Scholars Program
  • Joel Katz—LLB, 1969, Law
  • William B. Stokely III—BS, 1963, Business Administration – Retailing


Alumni Service Awards

Alumni Service Award recipients

Pictured above, L-R: Alan Wilson, Joe Crafton, Dean Skadberg, Michael Strickland, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek

The Alumni Service Award recognizes exceptional service or long-term continuing service and leadership to the University of Tennessee. It is designed to publicly acknowledge individuals or organizations who have given significant amounts of time, talent, or resources to their alma mater.

2010 Alumni Service Award Winners

  • Joe R. Crafton Jr.—BS, 1984, Business Administration – Marketing
  • Michael T. Strickland—BS, 1977, Business Administration – General Business
  • A. Dean Skadberg—BS, 1961, Business Administration – Marketing


Alumni Promise Awards

Alumni Promise Award recipients

Pictured above, L-R: Alan Wilson, Greg Cox, Nick Dryden, Jason Houser, Crista Martinez Padua, Jennifer Stanley, and Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek

The Alumni Promise Award recognizes alumni 40 years of age or younger who have demonstrated distinctive achievement in their career, civic involvement, or both. This award is presented to acknowledge alumni who are making a mark early in their career and show great promise for the future.

2010 Alumni Promise Award Winners

  • Gregory E. Cox Jr.—BS, 1995, Business Administration – Accounting; MAC, 1996, Business Administration – Accounting
  • Nick Dryden—BARCH, 1995, Architecture
  • Jason Houser—BA, 2002, Arts & Sciences – Sociology
  • Crista Martinez Padua—BA, 1992, Liberal Arts – Psychology; MS, 1996, Social Work
  • Jennifer S. Stanley—BA, 1995, Arts & Sciences – Political Science

Nominations for all awards are accepted from alumni, staff, and friends of the University of Tennessee. When nomination is open, forms can be found on the Tennessee Alumni website at alumni.utk.edu/awards. Nominations for the 2011 awards will be accepted from November 2010 until February 2011.

Contact the UTK Office of Alumni Affairs at 865-974-3011 for more information.

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