How to make Chicken Makhani

Florence Graves, business manager for the College of Architecture and Design, who has owned a restaurant in Dubai and earned a chef certification at UT, says cooking is a form of creativity and relaxation for her. Put on your chef hat and join Graves in the kitchen to learn how to prepare chicken makhani. Continue reading

How to Make a Mushroom Log

From shitakes to portabellas, mushrooms are a culinary delicacy enjoyed around the world. Not only are they popular with cooks, but they’re also simple to grow and harvest at home. Bob Hess (’00), owner of Everything Mushroom in Knoxville, offers this how-to on cultivating your very own mushrooms. Continue reading

How to Build a Corn Maze

We’re betting you’ve always wondered how all those intricate corn mazes are created each fall. In our new “How To” series, we’ll answer that question, followed each month in eTorch by other articles that will make you say, “So that’s how to do that!” To kick off the fall, two alumni share the secrets behind constructing a Vol-centric labyrinth of cornstalks. Continue reading