Coursework: Dolly’s America

History honors students look at how a “hillbilly” girl from Appalachia grew up to become an international one-word sensation. The course pulls students in to study someone they thought they already knew and familiarizes them with analyzing popular culture as a historical source. Continue reading

Marking History

Want to learn a little about the history of the university? You don’t need the Internet or a smartphone to do it—just take a stroll around campus. UT recently added two historical markers to campus that address the desegregation of the university. Continue reading

UT Celebrates 150 Years of Morrill Act

UT owes a debt of gratitude to Representative Justin Morrill. After all, it was the Morrill Act of 1862 that brought the university into its modern era and established it as Tennessee’s first land-grant university. Continue reading

A Monument of Mammoth Proportions

In 1909, the Orange and White reported that E.B. Proctor ’07 had toured Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, where he discovered that while there were monuments (piles of cave rocks with signs) for Vanderbilt, Kentucky State, Sewanee, and many other universities there was none for UT. Continue reading