The Gift of Clean Water

A small group of UT alumni is making a big dent in the global clean-water crisis with plastic water filters that can help provide clean water for years at a time. Continue reading

Bringing Big Ideas to Life

Since 2010, UT’s Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been lending a helping hand to students with their own businesses. As a result, many big ideas have come to life. Continue reading

The Oldest and Newest Vol

Now on permanent display outside the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture is the bronze skeleton of an _Edmontosaurus_ annectens. Take a look at a time lapse video of the dinosaur’s installation, and see what folks are saying about UT’s oldest and newest Vol. Continue reading

For most students, game day means tailgating and parties. For junior Jessica Henderson—the second woman ever to serve as drum major of the Pride of the Southland Band—it means maintaining a long tradition of excellence and precision Continue reading

Got a Favorite Prof?

Nominate a current faculty member for the Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award for their excellence in the classroom. Deadline for nominations is November 1, 2013. Continue reading

Rocky Top Revamp

As a member of the first landscape architecture graduating class at UT, Bethany Morris didn’t have to look too far for a place to put her skills to use. The 2011 graduate is now reinventing the very campus where she learned her craft. Continue reading

Impact Big Ideas

Help impact big ideas at UT with a new online fundraising program. Twelve unique projects led by students and faculty need your help to meet their goals and bring their big ideas to life. Continue reading