That Someone Special

Did you meet your spouse on a classroom on the Hill? Or your BFF in a residence hall? We asked our Facebook friends if they met someone special at UT, and here’s what they told us. Continue reading

Who Was Your Favorite Professor?

Nominate your favorite professor for the 2013 Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award.

Each year, the University of Tennessee Alumni Association funds four awards that recognize excellence in the classroom. These awards are part of the association’s continuing effort to encourage resourceful and creative instruction and to publicly recognize exceptional teaching—especially the teaching of undergraduates.

Selected by the Knoxville Campus Alumni Awards Committee, the winners will be announced at the spring Chancellor’s Honors Banquet.

Nominate a current faculty member here.

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, October 31. For more information, contact Mary Holtman-Reed.

Volunteer spirits? Share your UT ghost stories!

With hundreds of years of history, UT Knoxville is bound to have some stories of hauntings in halls and phantoms across campus. What ghost stories and legends do you remember? We’ve only received one spooky tale thus far, so please send us your scary stories! We may include yours in a fright-filled feature in eTorch! Continue reading

Vols in Service

Lt. Justin Gray, USMC, does us proud in Afghanistan—and his former college roommate, Billy Haley, gives us the details. Continue reading

We Hear You

We need to know what our alumni are thinking, so don’t hesitate to communicate with us, pro or con. Continue reading

Good Ayres Days

The UT Knoxville campus icon-of-icons, Ayres Hall, has just undergone a total renovation into a state-of-the-art instructional facility. In honor of this transformation, please send your fondest Ayres-related memories to and we’ll publish them here! Continue reading