A Winning Spirit

A nearly fatal injury on the field kept him from playing football again, but former Vol Inky Johnson says he’s stronger than ever. Continue reading

Turning Science Into Song

Musicians team up with UT’s NIMBioS to create original songs about scientific themes, with the goal of using these songs to communicate scientific concepts to the public in a way that’s more entertaining than draining. Continue reading

Eastern Promise

The United States’ relationship with the Middle East has the potential to change greatly in the years to come, and the next generation of American diplomats, scholars, and citizens should better understand this complex region. To that end, UT is creating a new Arabic studies program to give students in-depth instruction about the Middle East. Continue reading

Resolve to stay in touch

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more connected with other UT alumni, learn more about the UT Alumni Association Chapters and Clubs program. Continue reading

How to make Chicken Makhani

Florence Graves, business manager for the College of Architecture and Design, who has owned a restaurant in Dubai and earned a chef certification at UT, says cooking is a form of creativity and relaxation for her. Put on your chef hat and join Graves in the kitchen to learn how to prepare chicken makhani. Continue reading

How to have a ‘greener’ holiday

Fretting that the tree may be the only part of the holiday season that is green? Experts say household waste often increases more than 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. However, there are ways to make the holidays more environmentally friendly. Continue reading

Pet Therapy

Most people with pets know that coming home to their dog or cat at the end of the day can produce a sense of relief or contentment. Now, a UT program is bringing the positive power of pet therapy to nursing homes, schools, and other facilities across nearly all of northeast Tennessee. Continue reading