The Globetrotter

It was never a question of whether I would study abroad, but rather a matter of where. When you have an entire map from which to choose, how do you go about throwing a dart at it and picking where you’d like to live for a semester? Paris, Sydney, Costa Rica, Tokyo? Each had its own special appeal. Continue reading

For the Greater Good

Being on the receiving end of the active kindness of the University of Tennessee’s alumni has shaken Garrett Nelli’s philanthropic foundation. Continue reading

Alumni Job Search Tools

Are you looking for a job? Do you have a job opportunity that you would like to share with other alumni? The UT Alumni Association has officially launched several online job search resources to help. What’s the best part? They are another free benefit from the UTAA. Continue reading

HSS Renovation

Did you take a lot of classes in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building? You won’t even recognize those classrooms now. Take a video tour of the newly renovated Humanities and Social Sciences Building. Continue reading

Welcome to UT!

Let’s give a Big Orange welcome to four new UT family members: Vice Chancellor of Diversity Rickey Hall, Director of Admissions Kari Alldredge, and Director of Online Programs Jennifer Gramling, and Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Alumni Officer Lee Patouillet. Continue reading

Materials Science & Engineering

Metals and alloys, polymers and plastics, ceramics, semiconductors, and composites all help to make up materials science—a field that is at the forefront of modern technological advances. But what exactly is it, and why is UT’s program so special? We’ll let our students give you the lowdown. Continue reading