Campus ‘Orange’-print

It’s hard to image what UT Knoxville’s campus may look like ten years—or even five years—down the road. However, the Master Plan Advisory Committee has envisioned changes as far as fifty years into the future of the university. Continue reading

French Accents

Assistant Professor Awa Sarr is expanding students’ understanding of Africa through her classes on francophone literature and Africana studies. Continue reading

Hitting the Right Notes

UT is aspiring to join an elite group of universities, schools, and conservatories in becoming an All-Steinway School, featuring pianos that are exclusively of the high-quality Steinway brand. Continue reading

Dialogue Coach

Getting opposing groups together to talk it out won’t solve all of the world’s problems on the first go around, but it’s a good first step, says Joe Miles, an assistant professor of psychology. Continue reading

Fuzzy Math?

Imaginary numbers are just as real as any other digits; they just got some bad PR, and the term stuck, Assistant Professor Joan Lind argues. Continue reading

The Gift of Writing

To stave off whatever professional failure awaits the author of an error-filled letter that makes it way to a worldwide online audience, Cengage Learning has published the first edition of Harbrace Essentials, a writing guidebook with roots in the UT Department of English. Continue reading