Dialogue Coach

Getting opposing groups together to talk it out won’t solve all of the world’s problems on the first go around, but it’s a good first step, says Joe Miles, an assistant professor of psychology. Continue reading

Fuzzy Math?

Imaginary numbers are just as real as any other digits; they just got some bad PR, and the term stuck, Assistant Professor Joan Lind argues. Continue reading

The Gift of Writing

To stave off whatever professional failure awaits the author of an error-filled letter that makes it way to a worldwide online audience, Cengage Learning has published the first edition of Harbrace Essentials, a writing guidebook with roots in the UT Department of English. Continue reading

Read with UT students

Join UT Knoxville freshmen in reading “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” an acclaimed book that tells of the African American woman whose cervical cancer cells, taken during a biopsy and cultured without her knowledge or permission in the 1950s, have been integral in medical and other types of research. Continue reading