Eastern Promise

The United States’ relationship with the Middle East has the potential to change greatly in the years to come, and the next generation of American diplomats, scholars, and citizens should better understand this complex region. To that end, UT is creating a new Arabic studies program to give students in-depth instruction about the Middle East. Continue reading

Pet Therapy

Most people with pets know that coming home to their dog or cat at the end of the day can produce a sense of relief or contentment. Now, a UT program is bringing the positive power of pet therapy to nursing homes, schools, and other facilities across nearly all of northeast Tennessee. Continue reading

Giving Smokey a Helping Paw

Tennessee’s favorite four-legged mascot—along with other animals with orthopedic health needs—has been getting the royal treatment, thanks to the internationally recognized rehabilitation program at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine. Continue reading

Share Your 9/11 Memories

We all can remember where we were when we first heard about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We all remember the first images we saw of the destruction. We all remember how we felt that day and in the weeks thereafter. We all remember how we were changed by that one morning. Continue reading

Could Desperate Housewives Prevent Terrorism?

Is it possible that our best hope for improving America’s image among the citizens of the Middle East lies not in propaganda or visits by Hillary Clinton, but instead in efforts like student exchange programs, collaborative arts projects, or even Desperate Housewives? Continue reading

Open Books

Three UT Knoxville professors offer some smart reading experiences that don’t require an advanced knowledge of the source material. Continue reading

Running Ahead

UT Knoxville students are working with Girls on the Run, a local program that helps girls build a healthier lifestyle. Continue reading

Bringing His ‘A’ Game

In the past twenty years, Cuonzo Martin—UT’s new men’s basketball coach—has set a shooting record at his alma mater of Purdue, been drafted into the NBA, played professionally in Italy, and become a top-ranked men’s basketball coach. And along the way he beat cancer, too. Continue reading

Campus ‘Orange’-print

It’s hard to image what UT Knoxville’s campus may look like ten years—or even five years—down the road. However, the Master Plan Advisory Committee has envisioned changes as far as fifty years into the future of the university. Continue reading