A Winning Spirit

A nearly fatal injury on the field kept him from playing football again, but former Vol Inky Johnson says he’s stronger than ever. Continue reading

Want a UT license plate in your state?

Interested in a UT specialty license plate? If you live in Georgia or Texas, you have that option. But if you live in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia, you can help us make a UT license plate available to you. Continue reading

Returning the Favor

Because the Pride of the Southland Band first stole their hearts as band members and then became their matchmaker, Robby and Cindy Lockett knew they had to return the favor when they got hitched. Continue reading

How to Make a Mushroom Log

From shitakes to portabellas, mushrooms are a culinary delicacy enjoyed around the world. Not only are they popular with cooks, but they’re also simple to grow and harvest at home. Bob Hess (’00), owner of Everything Mushroom in Knoxville, offers this how-to on cultivating your very own mushrooms. Continue reading