Dinner and Dialogue and Alumni College

An intimate gathering of 12 alumni and friends attended the second Dinner and Dialogue on September 28, the second Alumni College event featured presentation by faculty of the UT Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. Continue reading

Grilling 101

It’s an art, but it’s one you can learn! Let Chef John Antun show you how to make the most of the fabled flame. Continue reading

2010 Alumni Summer College

Remember to sign up for Alumni Summer College! The 2010 theme is “Bravo! Exploring the World of Visual and Performing Arts,” and it is not to be missed by anyone who has ever enjoyed an artist’s work and wondered what went into its creation. Continue reading

Dinner and Dialogue

Imagine sitting down to a lovely dinner with a few friends with lively curiosity and an expert in a field made topical by the news of the day… Continue reading