HSS Renovation

Did you take a lot of classes in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building? You won’t even recognize those classrooms now. Take a video tour, and be on the lookout for a story in Torchbearer magazine about how the renovation has affected teaching and learning.

8 Comments on “HSS Renovation

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how different the Humanities building looks! Used to be so dark and gloomy. Love the new chairs, all the white boards and the nice seating and meeting places!

  2. The new changes are fantastic. I know the students will enjoy the chairs that are so versatile and the hallway changes. All areas look great.

  3. Looks so great! I remember having classes in the old HSS, and yes, it was gloomy. I’m glad my little sister will have some better classrooms and buildings when she starts in the fall!

  4. Very impressive. THANK YOU for getting students off the floor of the hallways…always poses a safety hazard when navigating hallways with outstretched students and backpacks! I am also very pleased to see the “4-active” learning spaces in the classrooms! What an engaging way to have break out and group learning sessions! Fantastic! Great work Tennessee…my home sweet home.

  5. Very nice! I remember when these were just plans. It all looks great. Way to go!

  6. Man, I spent many hours 20some years ago sitting on the floors of those dark halls, propped up against a brick wall. Glad to see it’s been enlightened in so many ways.