Connect. Engage. Invest.

Over the next few weeks keep an eye on your mailbox and e-mail and listen for the phone, as UT asks you to join us in our journey to the Top 25.

As you receive our communications, you’ll hear more about how you can help the university become a Top 25 public research institution. We need you, our alumni, to advocate on behalf of UT by telling others about your outstanding alma mater and by investing in our talented faculty and students. Your contribution of any size makes a difference. As advocates and investors, alumni play a key role in our journey to the Top 25.

Please consider getting InVOLved in the following ways:
Connect—Join and share your achievements.
Engage—Stay active in the Volunteer network, come to alumni events, and share the success and vision of UT with others.
Invest—Make a gift every year at

Remember, you are forever a Volunteer!

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