One Gift, Any Size, Every Year

UT’s journey to become a Top 25 university is measured in many ways. One of those is alumni participation rate, or the percentage of graduates who give back to their alma mater. On this front, UT trails behind many of our SEC counterparts.

But you can stand up and be counted by investing in your university at whatever level you are able.

How can you help?

  • Make an annual gift every year
  • Positively promote annual giving efforts with fellow alumni
  • Challenge other alumni to make gifts each year
  • Share your ideas for getting larger audiences of UT alumni involved and invested
  • Provide updated contact information for yourself and other alumni
  • Connect, engage, and invest

If you plan to make one gift, any size, every year, we can help UT reach our Top 25 goal and improve the quality of our university for everyone—especially our students.

Give to The University of Tennessee.

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