Marion Lewis Picklesimer (1951)

Marion Lewis Picklesimer, of Munford, AL, died November 20, 2011. After service in WWII, he earned a master’s degree (1951) and a doctor’s degree (1954) from the University of Tennessee, College of Engineering. He was the recipient of the first PHD in Metallurgical Engineering awarded by UT. During his 35-year career, Dr. Picklesimer was an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and in Tuscaloosa. He was a researcher in nuclear fuels for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and an expert in nuclear reactor safety for the Atomic Energy Commission. Over the years, he was employed by the National Bureau of Standards, Southern Research Institute, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was recognized in 1983 as the international expert on zirconium by the W.J. Kroll Institute. During his career, he won six patents and published approximately 60 technical papers.

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