Want a UT license plate in your state?

Do you live outside Tennessee?  Do you ever get stuck in traffic behind someone with a specialty license plate for another university and wish you had one for UT? If you live in Georgia or Texas, you already have that option.

But if you live in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia, you can help us make a UT license plate available to you. Alumni chapters in those states are working hard to make a UT license plates available.

For more information on how to make these license plates a reality or how to obtain an already existing plate, simply click on your state’s link below.

Help us make the UT license plate available in:

Order a plate in:

For more information, e-mail utaa@tennessee.edu.

3 Comments on “Want a UT license plate in your state?

  1. I love that the UT brand is spreading across the United States. Please let me know when I can purchase one in Idaho!