Who was your favorite professor?


Each year, the University of Tennessee Alumni Association funds awards that recognize excellence in the classroom. These awards are part of the association’s continuing effort to encourage resourceful and creative instruction and to publicly recognize exceptional teaching, especially the teaching of undergraduates.

Selected by the Knoxville Campus Alumni Awards Committee, the winners will be announced at the spring Chancellor’s Honors Banquet.

Nominate a current faculty member, complete and return the nomination form.  Visit the Outstanding Teacher Award website for more information, including a list of previous recipients of the award.  Also, please note that winners of the Outstanding Teacher Award are ineligible to receive the award again for a period of five years.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, November 1, 2010.

For further information, contact Mary Holtman-Reed at mholtman@utk.edu.

2 Comments on “Who was your favorite professor?

  1. My favorite teacher was either Dr. Harvey Carruth in the Math department or Dr. Edwin “Pete” Patton in the Transportation department. Dr. Bruce Fisher in the Business Law school was great too; he always had us laughing which helped us learn the subject matter. The names of many other great teachers escape memory at this time….must be an age thing or something!

    Tim Arnold
    CBA 1980

  2. My time at UT, 1959-1963, brought me into contact with many fine professors, most of whom are now dead. I would honor Professor Frank Bell, in Agronomy, for being so dynamic;Dr. W. W. Overcast, for being so patient as my advisor and methodical in the classroom in the Dairy Department of the Ag College; and many others as well, including my professor in Rural Sociology, a most interesting subject at the time; Dr.Miles, the head of the Dairy Department, and some excellent English teachers on the Hill. I also had a very good coach for our Dairy Judging Team, Professor Hinton, in the fall of 1962, who was very kind and led our small team on a wonderful judging trip across TN and to Missouri and Iowa. It was an “enlightening” experience for a green country boy.

    Steve Cates