Volunteer spirits? Share your UT ghost stories!

haunted campus!

I was cleaning my fraternity house with all the windows open by myself one summer day when I detected this strange noise. It sounded like a horse running on asphalt. I looked out the window and saw an elderly lady walking down the street. Suddenly, this black bull with 24-inch horns on each side of his head comes charging up behind her and runs over the top of her. I make my way outside, the bull hears me, stops and drops its head and charges me. I am darting out from between cars parked on the street—which there weren’t too many of since it was the summer— the only time I ever wished there were more cars on the UT campus. The bull gets tired of our game and sprints off. I look around and there is no woman, no blood, nobody. Remember, this is two blocks from the Presidential Complex, not exactly in the “boonies.” I called the packing house across the river and was told no bovine had escaped. I never saw anything in the Knoxville paper about this. It still bothers me to recall it.

—Dr. Bill DeWees (’78, ’80)

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  1. Nice share, when i was younger i was brought up in a haunted house and many paranormal things used to happen. Footsteps late at night, keys moved from one place in the house to another. A feeling of someone trying to suffocate me, but no one was there. Strange sounds at night. I later found that everyone had experiences there, not just me. I still think about that house. The first time i saw a ghost was when i was about 11 i woke up and a old lady spirit was looking over my stuff. I felt no fear so just rolled over and went back to sleep.