Dinner and Dialogue and Alumni College

Dinner and Dialogue

Dinner and Dialogue

An intimate gathering of 12 alumni and friends attended the second Dinner and Dialogue on September 28 at The Orangery in Knoxville, which featured Dr. Kelly Tiller.

Tiller, a faculty member at the University of Tennessee, serves as the director of external operations for the University of Tennessee’s Center for Renewable Carbon and is president and CEO of Genera Energy, LLC. Tiller facilitated a conversation on the UT biofuels program.

The Alumni College crowd learns about space

Alumni College: Earth and Planetary Sciences

A group of nearly 20 alumni and friends came to campus on Friday, September 17 for a half-day of faculty presentations facilitated by the UT Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. This was the second Alumni College event, which offers alumni and friends the opportunity to visit campus and learn from UT faculty about a variety of subjects.  The following presentations were offered at the Earth and Planetary Sciences Alumni College:

  • Dr. Larry McKay, Jones Professor of Hydrogeology, “Germs and Geology”
  • Dr. Colin D. Sumrall, “Why Reports of the Great Dinosaur Extinction are Greatly Exaggerated”
  • Dr. Joshua P. Emery, “Rocks in Space”
  • Dr. Bob Hatcher, “Earthquakes in the Eastern US: Does East Tennessee Have an Earthquake Hazard?”

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