Official Ring Program

Drawings of class rings

The Office of Alumni Affairs and the UT Bookstore have unveiled the official University of Tennessee ring, available only to alumni and students who have earned at least 60 credit hours from UT.

Graduate students who have earned at least 20 credit hours are also invited to wear the official ring.

Each official UT ring can be adorned with the “Power T,” the official UT Knoxville seal, the UT checkerboard, an image of Ayres Hall, or an image of the Volunteer Statue (a.k.a. the Torchbearer statue).

Starting August 23, the new ring will be on display in the UT Bookstore and other locations around campus. In addition, a representative from Jostens will be onsite at the UT Bookstore before each home football game in September to assist you with the purchase and sizing of your ring.

If you’d like to place your order by phone, you may call Jostens at 800-854-7464 or visit the official UT/Jostens website.

If you order your ring by Tuesday, September 21, your ring will be delivered in time for you to participate in UT’s inaugural Official Ring Ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, November 9. During the ceremony, Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and the college deans will present you with your new ring. Parents and guests will be invited to attend.

The first 500 ring orders also will include a special engraved number inside the ring to let each recipient know that he or she has purchased one of the very first official UT rings.

For more information, contact Eric Haag in the Office of Alumni Affairs at 865-974-3011 or by email at  You may also visit the Official Ring Program website.

8 Comments on “Official Ring Program

  1. If these are the “Official University of Tennessee rings”, then what is the ring that I got in 1959 through Ralph Frost’s office in the University Center that is marked with the university seal, the torchbearer statue, the letters signifying my degree, and the year of my graduation, 1960? Just curious.

  2. No problem with having rings for sale, but I assume these are no more “official”, than the school/class rings that have been sold and purchased for years…

  3. IMO, this is nothing but a tongue-in-cheek opportunity for those who for whatever reason have not achieved the “graduate” status to own an “Official University of Tennessee Ring”. Those of us who actually completed our degree requirements and purchased a UT college ring at that time will never accept any notion that we don’t have THE “official” ring. Advertise this for what it is – simply a piece of ornate jewelry for UT fans.

    Shame on you alumni association for your complicity in pushing this charade.

  4. Mine has the BS Business on the side too; but I guess it isn’t “official”….

    I have an ex-brother-in-law that had the Power T and his BS Business – but he finished his last few hours at MTSU…..; kinda like claiming military honors without earning them (on a smaller scale)…

  5. What’s the difference between these and the class ring I purchased when I graduated in 1972? Almost seems like this is taking away from the significance of those class rings you were entitled to wear when you graduated.

    • Thank you for your comments and questions about the Official Ring Program. We have received many positive comments from students and alumni about the new program, along with a few questions. We appreciate your feedback and hope that some additional information will help better explain the background and meaning of the program. Since 2008, a committee consisting of current UT students, alumni, staff, and faculty has met regularly to discuss ideas to implement an official class ring program.

      The new Official Ring Program does not negate previous ring purchases nor diminish the meaning of rings previously purchased from the University of Tennessee. Instead, the program is designed to foster the tradition of wearing a college ring and to narrow the ring style offerings down from hundreds to a tighter, more uniform collection of rings.

      We hope the addition of the inaugural Official Ring Ceremony, which will take place this November during Homecoming Week, will be of special significance to the UT students, parents, and alumni in attendance. The ceremony will be attended by UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek, and rather than receiving the rings from Jostens in the mail, students will receive their new rings at the Ceremony from the Dean of his or her college.

      If you have further questions, please email Eric Haag at

  6. definition of “official” see also authorized, and the old rings are certainly no less authorized?

    but this is definitely an expensively ornate piece of jewelry very covetable although not affordable, but I guess that’s the point?