YA Council Welcomes 18 New Members

2010–11 Young Alumni Council takes shape

The Office of Alumni Affairs and the Young Alumni Council welcome this year’s 18 new council members:

Patrick Allen, Nashville (CON ’06)

Ashley Cole, Memphis (C&I ’08)

Kaitlin Cooper, Memphis (C&I ’08)

Anna Catherine Davenport, Washington, D.C. (C&I ’04)

David Gibson, Louisville (Ky.) (CBA ’05)

Billy Haley, Nashville (CEHHS ’06)

Reen Locker, Nashville (A&S ’03)

Chris Lookenott, Charlotte (N.C.) (A&S/C&I ’07)

Tiffany Mailen, Atlanta (C&I ’04)

Travis May, Knoxville (C&I ’06)

Camellia Meehan, Arlington (Va.) (A&S ’07)

Chaz Molder, Columbia (A&S ’05)

Lauren Zaller Moore, St. Paul (Minn.) (C&I ’07, ’09)

Chase Pattison, Nashville (CBA ’05)

Cameron Puckett, Knoxville (CBA ’07)

Wade Stonebrook, Knoxville (CBA ’04, ’06)

Christine Tucker, Atlanta (C&I ’05)

Emily Woods, Knoxville (C&I ’10)

The Young Alumni Council fosters an important connection to the university and establishes a positive relationship between UT Knoxville and its young alumni.

Each member helps promote the interests of the university and its alumni, helps plan and coordinate young alumni events throughout the region, and works alongside the Office of Alumni Affairs to engage alumni with their alma mater.

Each member of the 40-person council serves a 2-year term with an option to remain for a third year. David Leaverton (’99, ’00) was named the first president of the Young Alumni Council In 2008, and now Scott Coop (’04) is president for the 2010–11 year.

Each member serves on one of the council’s five committees, Campus Relations, Events, Membership, Outreach and Marketing, and Philanthropy.

Returning members of the 2010–11 YAC:

Will Acree (’01

Bo Bentley (’03)

Rachel Brown (’07) Chair, Campus Relations Committee

Jay Cobble (’05) Chair, Membership Committee

Scott Coop (’04) President

Kara Culpepper (’01)

Tiffany Davis (’04)

Steve Evans (’06) President-elect

Erin Freeman (’02)

Joe Krumdieck (’03)

Katie Lane (’04)

David Leaverton (’99, ’00) Immediate past president

Lauren Moore (’07, ’09)

Rachel Parsons Nall (’05)

Rachel Clement Raymond (’05)

Mollie Robinson (’08)

Candace Selecman (’03)

Whitney Simpson (’07)

Jake Smith (’02, ’06)

Amanda St. Clair (’03) Chair, Events Committee

Lance Taylor (’09) Co-chair, Philanthropy Committee

Rachel Dunnavant Weatherly (’00)

Nathan Zipper (’07) Co-chair, Philanthropy Committee

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