We Hear You

Although they were significantly outnumbered by readers’ fond memories of Ayres Hall, there were a number of e-mails in the Torchbearer mailbox this month expressing displeasure at the choice of former vice-president Al Gore as the speaker for the largest of the spring commencement ceremonies.

Every message was read and forwarded to university administration for action. We need to know what our alumni are thinking, so don’t hesitate to communicate with us, pro or con. We do hear you, so thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

2 Comments on “We Hear You

  1. My fifth Greg McKenzie mystery novel will be out in October from Night Shadows Press. Goodwill to men isn’t the Yuletide theme when Greg and Jill McKenzie are hired to investigate rumors that something shady is involved in a deal to bring an NBA basketball team to Nashville. Their client is attorney for a group of Nashville Predators NHL hockey fans who don’t think there’s room for both pro hockey and pro basketball. When Greg goes to meet an informant, he finds the young man shot to death. What information did he have that would “blow your mind?” Things turn deadlier when a bomb goes off beneath Greg’s Jeep. Complicating matters, a disgruntled felon Greg helped send to prison during his Air Force OSI career shows up with revenge in mind. The explosive situation reaches a climax on Christmas Day.

    Chester Campbell, Journalism 1949

  2. Please do a feature on Claudette Riley, who was Miss Majorette of America when I arrived at UT in the fall of 1959. She was the Rockettes, Elizabeth Taylor and Lauren Bacall all rolled into one! I’d like to know where she is, what she has been doing, etc.