Dinner and Dialogue

Dinner and Dialogue

Imagine sitting down to a lovely dinner with a few friends with lively curiosity and an expert in a field made topical by the news of the day. Say, for example, an expert in nuclear security in an era when the term “dirty bomb” has made it into everyone’s vocabulary? Sounds like a great evening, right?

Evenings like that are exactly what the Lifelong Learning Program envisions with its latest series, “Dinner and Dialogue.” D&D offers groups of no more than a dozen alumni and friends the chance to share a delicious meal and stimulating in-depth conversation with one of UT’s top faculty members.

The series kicked off in Knoxville in June with its first event: Dr. Howard Hall, UT Governor’s Chair in Nuclear Engineering and expert in global nuclear security, dined with 12 alumni and friends in an intimate small-group setting that was much more conducive to conversational interaction than a large lecture hall.

If this sounds like the kind of experience you would enjoy, check the Lifelong Learning website for details of Dinner and Dialogue events to be held throughout the year.

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