Good Ayres Days

Ayres Hall

You’ve probably heard that the UT Knoxville campus icon-of-icons, Ayres Hall, has just undergone a total renovation into a state-of-the-art instructional facility.

If you are wondering whether you will still recognize that venerable landmark at the top of the Hill, the short answer is yes. If you loved its 1920s academic architecture, its period charm is still there but upgraded to current building codes and the latest in instructional technologies. There’s now wi-fi in every corner instead of the scent of chalk dust, and every part of the building is accessible to those for whom mobility is a challenge. (Elevators!)

Before the new Ayres goes online as instructional space in spring semester 2011, it will be opened for scrutiny this fall, starting with gala festivities to celebrate its history as well as its new lease on life. (Check the next issue of the Torchbearer for details.)

As part of the celebration, we invite you to share with readers your memories and anecdotes centering on your experience in Ayres Hall. Did you achieve enlightenment, fall in love, or crack a bone on the terrazzo floors? Tell us about it at, and read everyone’s tales in future issues of the Torchbearer!

One comment on “Good Ayres Days

  1. I think it would be apropos that I tell a story about my great-grandfather’s building and a day that I was late to a math class on the second floor. It had just started to rain on THE HILL and I was running down from a parking spot on 14th street (even with THE NAME I couldn’t get a parking spot). As I sprinted across Cumberland Ave, to head up the hill, I slipped (stepped) on a pop-top (kudos to Jimmy Buffet) and busted my flip flops. While on my back, among the debris of my books and papers and in the middle of Cumberland, I remember looking up at Ayres Hall and thinking, what would Dr Ayres be thinking looking down on his great grand-son right now…