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Hogan in Rwanda

We love to hear what our alumni are doing! Here are just a few of the notes we’ve received recently…

Alumna Ashley Hogan-Gancarz writes: “I just wanted to send a few pics from my recent volunteer trip to Rwanda! I made sure to bring a Tennessee T-shirt with me and gave it away with a whole suitcase of clothes to the community when I left. I was in Rwanda this February to help build a three-classroom block onto a primary school with 20 co-workers from Turner Broadcasting Europe.”

Andrea Lankford (’86) has published her fourth book, Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, and Dying in the National Parks. Lankford writes, “Recently I was interviewed on “WVMetro Outdoor News” by ANOTHER UT grad, radio host/and outdoor writer Chris Lawrence. During the interview, we talked about ANOTHER UT alum, ranger Noel McJunkin, who is in the book. Pretty cool.”

Mechanical engineering graduate Daniel Cohen (’07) is making sure you get a smooth ride. He talks about his work in this YouTube video; see him at about 23 seconds in.

Alumnus Timothy Powers has returned from a one-year voluntary deployment to Afghanistan as the deputy coordinator for provincial affairs at the American Embassy in Kabul. While in Afghanistan, Powers worked closely with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of State on strategic planning and management efforts related to agricultural reconstruction, stabilization, and field activities.

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  1. Beginning architecture career with the US Federal Government in 1982, lived and worked for the Federal Government throughout the years in various east and west coast cities of the USA as well as in Wuerzberg, Germany and Seoul, Korea. Jim has worked as design architect, interior designer, projects and program manager, master planner, chief of master planning and technical coordinator for multi-million dollar projects and multi-billion dollar programs for the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, General Services Administration, and Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Home Land Security Administration. Projects included all types of military facilities, US Federal Buildings, US Federal Courthouses and Post Offices, US Border Stations, as well as Master Plans for US military facilities in Germany and Korea. Jim just returned to the the States in Texas from Korea where he most recently provided oversight and managed program and projects for the design and construction of a new US Garrison Base. Jim will retire from the US Government iater in 2010. Throughout his career as an architect, Jim has also actively maintained a painting studio and has participated within the art communities in the areas he lived during his career, and will continue making art during his retirement.

  2. In the spring Torchbearer you wanted to know how alums were volunteering. Here is my passion. I am a member of the Literacy Action Corps of Columbia Missouri. We are associated with ProLiteracy. We tutor adults one-on-one to learn to read, and we teach English as a second language to international visitors, students, faculty, and their famillies. We have 111 tutors now who volunteer many, many hours at no charge. It is so rewarding and students are so appreciative of our help. I encourage everyone who is looking for a volunteer opportunity to check literacy groups in their home town..