UT Memories: 25th Anniversary Edition

1982 Cheer Squad

Members of the class of 1984 (and the classes of 1983 and 1982, too!) are invited to submit their favorite memories!

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One comment on “UT Memories: 25th Anniversary Edition

  1. It just seems like yesterday I was enrolling for my freshman year. I have a lot of memories of my undergraduate days at UTK. All of the parties at the Aquatic Center, UC, and the notorious off campus parties. 🙂 I use to love to eat at Sam & Andy’s on the Strip not to mention Gus’ place!!!! Now, that was some GOOD eating for a college student. I remember the innocence of going to college and not having to worry about crime!!! We could just go to class and be students!!! The world has changed so much in these last 25 YEARS!!! I can’t leave out the good friends I met during those years. PHINUPI
    CLASS OF 1984!!!!!!