Vol Love Stories

Diana (1961, Nursing) and Charles (2001, Business) Whaley, Sr.

Rockwood, TN

The whaleysWe met while taking our ACTs and went to the old Ellis & Ernest Drug Store (where the Student Center is now) for a Coke. I was a new HS grad and he had just finished a tour of duty in the Navy. We were married the next June (1962) and are still as much or more in love today as then.

Angie Orick (1999, Arts & Sciences) and Jeff (1999, Arts & Sciences) Palmore

Knoxville, TN

the palmoresWe met in an American Studies class. It was Spring 1999 – Jeff’s last semester, and I was set to graduate in December 1999. I had mistakenly signed up for the class and had planned to drop, but waited too long to do so. Jeff and I started chatting in class and he eventually asked me out. Our first date included an evening at the Clarence Brown Theatre.

Elaine (1960, Home Economics) and Joel Allen (1962 BS, 1964 MS College of Agriculture) Collins

Easley, SC

I first observed Joel on the inside steps of the old Baptist Student Union building which was located on Cumberland Ave in Sept 1960. He was singing a different round of Three Blind Mice! I met him 3-4 days later at a Freshmen Mixer in the basement of his mom’s home in Blaine, TN.

Annabell (1966, Home Economics) and David (1966-1968 @ UT) Harr

Chattanooga, TN

We shared an English class Fall, 1966. It met on the 3rd floor of Ayers hall on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 8:00 am. (Do they still have 8 am Saturday classes?!!) One Friday night we got locked in the Main Library while we were studying. We scared the night guard when we got ready to leave.

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